Northern-born songwriters Alissa Abeler and Hannah Smith joined creative forces to form the musical duo now known as The Daily Fare. They told me they wanted a logo that looked like a bus token that incorporated the pine tree element they both grew up with.

The token logo was included on their first album released in 2017 and other merchandise. The album sleeve features handwritten text along with photos of the band members and old photos that relate to the songs.


Their sound has been compared to First Aid Kit, The Milk Carton Kids, and The Civil Wars.


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Original Staging Point logo


The Premier Staging Rental Service

This solid, time-tested company thought it was time for a new look. The owner, “Broadway Steve,” wanted to maintain some of the old feel and keeping the “S” and “P” inside a circle was necessary for him. We ended up with a spotlight-type shape inside concentric circles, giving the appearance of a stage.

After the design was approved, the logo was incorporated into literature, business cards, contracts, emails, shirts, caps, and the twenty-six foot long box truck.

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The recording studio was reopening after a major renovation and reopening with only the elephant icon. After meeting with the owners, I discovered that they had no invitations and no brochures for attendees to take home after the grand opening.

Before the reopening, the studio had hosted bands like Nirvana, who recorded In Utero at the famed studio with Steve Albini. Soul Asylum, PJ Harvey, The Jayhawks, Superchunk, The Breeders and many more.

Since the name is Pachyderm, and there are bronze elephants sculptures around the entrance of the main living area, I centered on that element and incorporated imagery from around the studio’s six acre facility. Showcasing images of the studio, living quarters, and grounds, providing each attendee (producers and artist reps) a booklet highlighting all the studio’s vast and unique amenities.

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The challenge with completing this project was simply the topic itself—making a colonic look and sound attractive.

For this logo I went for a rounded, more circular design with the impression of water passing through to create the visual of cleansing. Additionally incorporated blue and earthy tones as the color pallet, produced a softer, more inviting appeal overall.

For the brochure and other literary elements, the designs introduced floral and more feminine imagery giving this topic a very delicate feel.

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